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Sonique cancelled gigs in Germany at short notice in February -
Album released finally in autumn this year

Sonique was supposed to spin at two venues in Germany in early February, first at Mudia Art in Essen on 03 Feb. and then on 04 Feb. at Hafenclub at the ZeitHaus in Wolfsburg/Autostadt. Sonique Unfortunately she couldn't come and placed the following message on her official website: «Hi 2 all my German fans, sorry I didn't make the gigs, I'll try to reschedule soon. Peace Sonique» It would have made up a good opportunity to support the release of her third anticipated album «On Kosmo», which was scheduled for release on 13 February, 2006 after postponing the street day for several times. For the first time it was announced to be released by the end of 2004 already. After postponing the release for several times, a couple of days before the last announced street date in Germany via distributor Sony/BMG on February 13, 2006 it was cancelled at the end.

Now the slow house track "Sleezy" is picked as the third single of Sonique's Kosmo connection (vinyl out since end of April), while the album should come out finally in autumn or winter 2006. For the records both, Kosmo seemed to have lost the distribution contract with Sony/BMG. In spring 2006 they could acquire Germany's leading independent record company Edel Records to continue that business, but the CD single release date (30 June, 2006) was deleted by Edel by short notice. Instead, it looks like Sony/BMG is now willing to keep distributing Sonique's CDs in Germany and other European countries at least. So, they announced August 25th September 08th 22nd 29th as street day for the CD version of "Sleezy".

While the 3rd anticipated album «On Kosmo» finally got released in Germany on 29 September 2006 (UK street day:  06  13 November 2006), the new CD single is deleted for the time being by the actual distributor Sony/BMG. 

After a promo CD-R of «Tonight» labeled with the artist names Haji & Emmanuel (featuring Sonique) was around since May, on 19 June, 2006 a new 12" single with two mixes plus a seperate remix record were officially released in the UK by London-based Azuli Records. The 12"es came out on the Azuli Silver sub-label, delivering traditional Azuli vocal house with melody and beats. "Tonight" isn't included on the album «On Kosmo», but mixes of the song are to find on Azuli compilation CDs instead.

As a teaser for «On Kosmo», Kosmo Records released a 4-track EP on 12" vinyl in October 2006, available across Europe at least as a German import. Besides the already known "Another world", there is a brand new extended mix of "My dream" (it gives the record's name "My dream EP"), along with the album versions of "Save myself" and "Another moment", although named EP versions here.

25. Nov. 2006: Thanks to all fans who made it possible that the Sonique Fan Page has reached 50.000 visitors now since year 2000 !


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Sonique - My dream EP

Sonique - On Kosmo

Sonique - Tonight

Sonique - Sleezy

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