DJ Sonique interview to Worldpop

Worldpop managed to pin dance star Sonique down for two minutes
… in a fairground ride in a nightclub? Here's why …

Sonique worldpop: How are you doing?
Sonique: Brilliant. I've been working really hard, DJing and doing interviews … letting people know who I am because they keep playing this record and they don't even know what I look like. Now they can see me, it's good for people to see your personality. When you buy someone's record you have an image of what they look like and it's better that people know first hand. Here I am everybody!

worldpop: Your single It Feels So Good is all over the radio. This time last year you were a house DJ and now you're a singer. How did that happen?
Sonique: It was all quite natural actually, because I always sang anyway. When I started DJing I started singing too and when I was DJing in all these big clubs I just thought wouldn't it be great if you had your own record and could play it, so I sat down and did a couple of songs. A lot has happened since those songs. The DJing works and the singing really works.

worldpop: When you sing while you're DJing, are those actual songs?
Sonique: No, I ad lib all the way, just total ad libbing.

worldpop: You got to Number Five in the States. Is that an amazing feeling?
Sonique: It's nice but it's not something to think too much about, otherwise you'll get really lost in it and almost disappear in that space. So instead of thinking about it I'd rather just be me, and carry on being me.

worldpop: You must be pretty chuffed though. A lot of people try and get there for years and you've just gone straight in with your first record.
Sonique: I am, I'm shocked, overwhelmed and at the same time trying to hold that all down and it's not easy. I've still got so much to do in my life and I don't want the attention of the world stopping me from what I'm good at which is being me. The American thing, I don't even know what the big interest was because I've not even been out there.

worldpop: There's a bit of a story to the record in America, isn't there?
Sonique: Yeah, we licensed 10,000 copies to a little company in America and they went in one week. One of the people who had it was in Tampa and it just went ballistic down there. They've been playing that record now since last December. It's taken all this time to get where it is and they've been killing it. Every radio station in America is playing that record, it's been Number One in Miami for weeks and Number Three in Canada. It's one phat single.

worldpop: Your forthcoming album Hear My Cry has loads of different styles on it including soul, house and R'N'B. Is that what you like?
Sonique: That's me. Even when I'm DJing I play I'm into all different styles, I play lots of music with different influences all over it. I don't like one vibe all the time. I don't like albums that are all the way the same. I just wanted to do my vibe.

worldpop: Is there one female diva you look up to?
Sonique: Diana Ross was happening, she had the glamour and she could put on a real show. Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan could sing. No matter what happens to them, even if they got fat ugly they could sing. The divas at the moment I'm not really down with them because they're too busy looking beautiful. The divas of today are not the ones that do much to me.

worldpop: You always look like you're having a ball. Are you?
Sonique: That's me being as natural as I can possible be.

worldpop: Are you still living in Ibiza?
Sonique: No, not at the moment, I've left for a little while. This American thing has blown up and one thing's for sure, I certainly won't be resting for the next two years. Resting is not gonna happen. What I used to do in Ibiza was rest a lot and then I'd come over to England at the weekend and the whole thing now is America and I've cancelled a lot of my DJing gigs.

worldpop: Are you still going out there though?
Sonique: I'm doing Manumisson every other week which will be interesting because I'll be flying from America.

worldpop: What do you like about Manumission?
Sonique: They were the first real superclub to employ me. My heart is there, Mike and Claire and Andy and Dawn are cool. What they do is amazing. I've got enough respect for them, even though I don't watch them having sex.

worldpop: You're the only one!
Sonique: : I am actually!

worldpop: Pick one. DJing or singing?
Sonique: I can't.
Sonique at WDR 1Live on 27 Nov, 2000
worldpop: Paul Oakenfold or Fatboy Slim?
Sonique: Fatboy Slim

worldpop: Stüssy or Chanel?
Sonique: Stüssy

worldpop: Technics or Vestax?
Sonique: Technics

worldpop: North or South?
Sonique: North

    (© WorldPop 2000)                           Sonique at German TV station "WDR 1Live" on 27 Nov, 2000

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