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Sonique interview to FHM, March 2001
Blighty's queen of the decks on Olympic ambitions, Bryan Adams' dribble and a lovestruck violinist On the subject of drunken ladies, funny man Richard Blackwood told FHM last year that black women were hard to pull Sonique: I've never been easy to get into bed, but then other times I might think, "F*** it," and go for it, literally, but I've never really enjoyed that as much.
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Sonique got three awards in 2001
The Housemate scheme was devised after Shelter consulted groups of homeless young people across the UK, none of whom had learned about housing and homelessness at school and found they felt there was a place for it alongside sex and drugs education. The secondary school pack contains activities and
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DJ Sonique interview to Worldpop
Worldpop managed to pin dance star Sonique down for two minutes in a fairground ride in a nightclub? Here's why Sonique: I'm doing Manumisson every other week which will be interesting because I'll be flying from America. worldpop: What do you like about Manumission? Sonique: They were the first real superclub to employ me. My heart is there, Mike and Claire and Andy and Dawn are cool. What they do is amazing. I've got enough respect for them, even though I don't watch them having sex.
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