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Sonique recalls homeless life
By Tom Matthews, 29 July 2006 07:30, Chart-topping performer Sonique was reduced to tears yesterday during an emotional awards ceremony for homeless students in Norfolk.The 38-year-old singer, who spent nearly a year on the streets as a teenager, appeared visibly moved as she presented certificates to dozens of learners who had completed a self development programme at City College, Norwich. Recounting her own experiences, she said: "I have been homeless and it wasn't easy. My life was changed dramatically and I had to fight for what I have now. I will spend the rest of my life supporting the homeless because of
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Sonique goes back to school
The chart-topping DJ explains why her own experiences led her to support a new national homelessness-awareness project.
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Sonique got three awards in 2001
The Housemate scheme was devised after Shelter consulted groups of homeless young people across the UK, none of whom had learned about housing and homelessness at school and found they felt there was a place for it alongside sex and drugs education. The secondary school pack contains activities and
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Sonique Biography: Childhood and Youth
Her mum had just returned to her native Trinidad to re-marry. Being the eldest of three with no father figure around, Sonique thought she'd already learned to look after herself and insisted on staying behind. A few months later, circumstances conspired against her and she wound up homeless, surviving on crisps and sleeping on mates' floors and - when those ran out - the streets. "That made me realise life wasn't a joke - I could have died
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