Fantazia British Anthems ... Summertime

Fantazia British Anthems ... Summertime - Mixed by Jeremy Healy    Fantazia British Anthems ... Summertime - Mixed by Sonique

2 CD box set «Fantazia British Anthems ... Summertime»
Released on the Fantazia Label in 1998 - Cat. No. FBA2CD

Fantazia British Anthems ... Summertime box set


CD1  Mixed by Jeremy Healy

CD2  Mixed by Sonique

Disc 1 - Jeremely Healy - is the best by far, with a better selection of uplifting funky vocal house, while Disc2 - Sonique - has deeper, darker tunes more likely to be played at harder gigs or at the end of the night.    

Tracks CD1:   
  1. Feel It (Original Version) - The Tamperer featuring Maya
  2. Deeper Love (Tall Paul Remix) - Ruff Driverz
  3. The Hook - Radical Playaz
  4. Make My World Go Round (Deep Dish Vocal Mix) - Sandy B.
  5. Dirty Disco Dubs (That Sound) - DJ Disco
  6. I'm Gonna Luv U (Jason Nevins Peepshow Club Mix) - Summer Junkies
  7. Keep Slippin' (DJ EFX's Disco Eliphanti Mix) - Killa Green Budds
  8. Disco Babes From Outer Space (Original Mix) - Babe Instinct
  9. Funky Fresh - DJ Stew feat. The Buddha Monks
  10. Song 3 - Flatback 4
  11. Jump & Shockout (Moffat Mix) - DJ Vandan
  12. Distortion (It's Over Mix) - Pianoheadz
  13. Sounds Of Wickedness (PF Project Def Scratch Mix) - Tzant
  14. Windows (Victor Imbres 'Broken Glass Up Your Arse' Mix) - SIL
  15. Rude Boy Rock - Lionrock
  16. Erotic City (Phunk Remix) - Scandalous
  17. It's Like That (Drop The Break Mix) - Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
  18. Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy
Tracks CD2:   
  1. Just call (Mark's Slam 'n' Jam Dub) - Street Life feat. Dana Stovall
  2. The one and only dominator (Aquarius Remix) - The Swimmer
  3. Give a little love - The Invisible Man
  4. Disco at the K-Mark (Bunker Mix) - Disco at the K-Mark
  5. The inside (Sol Bros Hash Up Dub) - Andy Lamboy
  6. Funky grooves - Untidy Dubs Presents
  7. Meet her at the Love Parade (Club 69 Tribal Anthem) - Hans
  8. The twister (Original Club) - Viper
  9. I put a spell on you (Club Mix) - Sonique
  10. You are somebody (Classic String Dub) - Full Intention
  11. Everybody (Pink Garage Mix) - Frankie Carbone
  12. Deeper (Vocal Remix) - Serious Danger
  13. Bomb da loop - Megablast
  14. To the world (Uplifting Club Experience) - Organ
  15. Don't play dead (Emotional Overload Mix) - Vapourheadz

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