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S*Express - Intercourse

S*Express - Intercourse

Second album release of Mark Moore's S-Express through Rhythm King Records,
Release date: Aug. 13, 1991.         Distributed by Epic Cat. No. 468567 2

  1. Nothing to lose
  2. Trumpets
  3. Find 'em, Fool 'em, Forget 'em [Wondere(s)que Mix]
  4. Twinkle (Step into my mind) [Psychotronic Mix]
  5. Nervous Motion
  6. Find the Time to be Yourself
  7. I like it
  8. Supersonic lover
  9. Brazil
  1. Mantra for a State of Mind [Club Mix]
  2. Find 'em, Fool 'em, Forget 'em [The Eighth Out Mix]

The project's outfit for this album was announced as

MARK MOORE: keyboards, analogue organ rotorvator & stuff'n'junk, and,

SONIQUE: vox, b-vox, keyboards & orgasmatron ...

Mark Moore S*Express Sonique

More Band info:

Mark Moore, mastermind of S'Express was born on January 12, 1966, London, England, as a half-Korean. He was arguably the best British interpreter of the late 80s Italo - House phenomenon. After the punk explosion, he made his name on the domestic DJ circuit, notably the Mud Club. He broke through with a series of singles that combined Euro-pop stylings with a hard funk spine: «Theme From S'Express» (UK number 1, April 1988), «Superfly Guy» (UK number 5, July 1988), «Hey Music Lover» (UK number 6, February 1989) and «Mantra For A State Of Mind» (UK number 21, September 1989) among them. S-Express The album debut, «Original Soundtrack» (April 1989, Rhythm King Records LEFTLP 8), was a chart success too with it's 9 weeks run in the UK album charts reaching number 5 there. Afterwards, the chart action dissipated somewhat. «Nothing to lose», ironically one of his strongest singles, stalled at number 32 in September 1990, as dance music upped a gear and discovered hardcore. Moore set up the Splish label, through Rhythm King Records, in the early 90s, opening with Canadian-born singer Tiziana's «Seduce Me» and Yolanda's «Living For The Nite», licensed from Underground Resistance. Former S'Express vocalist Linda Love would go on to record with Word Of Mouth («What It Is [Ain't Losing Control]»). A delayed second album, «Intercourse», failed to revive S'Express' fortunes, despite the gifted vocal presence of Sonique. A sample of John Waters ("Bad taste is what entertainment is all about") preceded a demonstrably shabby, tongue-in-cheek rendition of «Brazil» on the album's best track. Moore would continue to earn a crust as a remixer, however, notably on Malcolm McLaren's «Something's Jumpin' In Your Shirt» (with William Orbit) and Saffron's «Fluffy Toy» (with Peter Lorimer).

S-Express - Hey Music Lover
Mute/Rhythm King
S-Express - Mantra for a State of Mind
Mute/Rhythm King
S-Express - Mantra for a State of Mind (club mixes)
Mute/Rhythm King
Malcolm McLaren - Something's jumpin' in your shirt

Cover painting by Sarah Gregory. Other illustrations by Miss Tobie. Text adapted from

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