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The webmaster is under massive threat by the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry). The allegation is violating the copyrights of IFPI members by displaying cover scans of the following 7" vinyl singles:
  • Visage: «Fade to grey» Polydor POSP 194       
  • Ultravox: «Vienna» Chrysalis CHS 2481           
  • Tears for Fears: «Mad world» Mercury IDEA 3
Of course, released in 1980, 1981and 1982 respectively, the records are deleted for long and are collectors items today. At the time of purchase retailers insisted on the fact that a cover for a vinyl record is only the package but not part of the record. It meant that a damaged cover couldn't be returned or changed, it was simply a worthless thing. For now, it is worth enough to be a subject to rip off the record purchaser by the IFPI and it's member record companies. Click here for the e-mail the IFPI has sent (German text only).

Click here for a similar case of IFPI allegations concerning www.rockcover.de.

Visage - Mind of a toy
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